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Dark Stain Cat wheel

This wheel was designed for our kitten room. It features a dark stain oak wood with acrylic painted center and inlaid with leaves. Kittens really do make the world go least in our world :)

In this video you can see Abby trying it out just after mounting it. We like a wall mount wheel to keep the kittens safe from any moving parts and for easy cleaning underneath the wheel.

Hot Pink with white stand

Ahhhhh This wheel was so much fun to do.  This was an acrylic pour with cells and a touch of black for pop.

Cat wheel on a safe metal stand
Cat wheel wall mounted

Blue acrylic pour wheel

This was another fun and super messy wheel to make but I fell in love just watching it develop.  I designed an entire cat room around this wheel because it turned out so cool.  Cantari is showing it off here and it is super quiet and easy to clean. You can get lost watching this one go around.

Blue wheel in motion with Cantari

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