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About Us

Welcome to Leap of Faith Bengals, a TICA and CFA registered cattery nestled in the scenic countryside of central California. Our passion lies in breeding Bengal cats with stunning brown spotted markings, large outlined rosettes, and clouded patterns that captivate the heart.

Our cattery boasts gorgeous queens and breathtaking studs, each with a spectacular coat of high color contrast and intricate rosettes. From their adorable whisker pads to their black-tipped tails, our SBT Bengals are the epitome of feline elegance.

Health and Well-being

At Leap of Faith Bengals, the health of our cats and kittens is our top priority. We go the extra mile to ensure they are in peak condition with annual HCM screenings, PK def and PRA tests through UC Davis and Optimal Selection. Our diligent health protocols include random fecal tests, snap tests from our vet, and comprehensive PCR panels.

Socialization and Environment

Socialization is key to raising well-adjusted, friendly Bengals. Our kittens are raised cage-free, immersed in our family life, and are accustomed to both indoor comforts and the great outdoors on our 300-acre property. They are taught not to jump on furniture, countertops, or tables, and they enjoy the company of other cats, dogs, and even horses.

Bengals are known for their intelligence and playful nature. Our kittens are playful, love water, and are natural hunters. We take short car trips to help them feel comfortable traveling. At Leap of Faith Bengals, our cats aren't just pets—they're family.

Living Space

Our Bengals enjoy a 10,000 sq. ft. indoor area in our main house and a 2,500 sq. ft. tropical Bengal cat room with a nonstop waterfall and trees from our property. We firmly believe in a cage-free environment. Each cat has a private suite with a personalized cat wheel for exercise, and we have two birthing units for privacy and safety.

Our cats love the outdoors, and we provide a 3-acre fenced kitty oasis complete with trees and their own pond. This natural playground ensures they have plenty of space to explore and play.

Our Commitment

When you bring home a kitten from Leap of Faith Bengals, you're welcoming a well-socialized, healthy, and happy companion into your life. Our commitment is to ensure they adapt seamlessly to your home, bringing joy and love to your family.

Gazebo for the cats to chill by the pond
Bengal kittens posing on a limb

Phenomenon and his son Apollo hanging out on the log. This log has been a play area and fab photo location for many of our babies.

Bengal cat and Bengal kitten outside on a log

This is how we roll everyday. They are enjoying themselves while it is nice and green in the springtime. I sure wish I could share video of them out here.

Bengal cats walking in the grass

We want to create the most fun tropical environment for our babies as possible. Providing them with natural instinct entertainment such as jumping over the pond, climbing trees, chasing birds and each other. This is what makes my heart truly happy.

Pond for the Bengal cat area

Thunder thinking of going fishing. The cats like to get on the edge and bop the fish as they go by. Yes some have gone for a swim themselves but don't mind a bit. Most of our cats have a big love of the water.

Kitten watching the Koi in a pond

Acadius playing lifeguard and making sure that everyone stays in line.

Bengal cata on a totem pole
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