Leap of Faith Bengals -
Cantari was born on Sept. 7, 2013 and she is a very smart girl that likes to pursue anything that moves. She loves to be at the highest point in the room.  She also is very intrigued by water and likes to play in it.  Cantari is the best mother to everybody's kittens as she has been surrogate to two extra litters at times.  She also loves chicken and fish from the kitchen. Cantari has an amazing straight profile and hypnotic green eyes. Her body is long and lean with great spotting on her legs and a tight coat. Something unique about Cantari is that she has a beautiful heart shaped rosette on her left side and has passed that on to four of her babies.  
Female Bengal cat

Female Bengal cat

Cantari bengal cat at six months
Cantari jumping over the pond
Cantari female Bengal cat
Sephora and Cantari bengal cats outside and loving itCantari on her chaise. Elegant bengal catCantari excited bengal cat

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