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About Us
Leap of Faith Bengals is a TICA registered cattery located in central California out in the country.  We have chosen the brown spotted markings with large outlined rosettes and clouded patterns that we just love in these cats. We have four amazing proven queens and two breathtaking studs (Kittunkatz Phenomenon and Sherakan Thunderstruck).  They  have plush beautiful coats with high color contrast, large rosettes with great detail and super glittery.  Their head and body conformation is superb from their whisker pads down to their black tipped tail.
The health of our cats and kittens has to be top priority and we take every measure and precaution available to keep them in top notch condition. All of our breeding cats are HCM screened annually, PK def screened, PRA screened for genetic defects. We also do random fecal tests including snap tests from the vet, PCR panels with a lab and bio-med pouch tests to stay on top of any parasite issues that could interfere with their health. We offer our families access to our tests for peace of mind and if a kitten is purchased they are clear of all tests before leaving here to assure you a great start in their new environment.
Socialization is of utmost importance to us as we want their new families to be able to go home with a friendly, fun and well adjusted kitten.  Bengals are very intelligent cats and ours have already learned not to get on certain furniture, counter tops or  tables. They have been inside with our family and are also able to go outside as we live on 300 acres with no neighbors for miles.  The wild definitely comes out in them when they are outdoors.  These cats are very intrigued by water and catching anything that moves.
Our cats are family and our family includes other cats, dogs, turkeys and chickens. The perks of country living. It is very normal here to have a cat lounging with a dog or chickens sharing food with the dogs and sometimes even a playful wrestling match with a cat and dog.  Socialization will be a huge factor with us not only with other animals but also with people.  When kittens are available you can rest assured that they will be able to adapt comfortably into your surroundings.  There is nothing worse than a scaredy cat or more dangerous.  I also try to make short trips in the car with them so they feel comfortable traveling while they are young. They aren't spoiled just heavily loved on.
Here are some pics of where our cats live at Leap of Faith Bengals.
Besides the 10000 square foot indoor area of the main house that they have access to, they also have their own tropical Bengal cat room of 2500 sq. ft. equipped with non stop waterfall and trees from our property to climb on.  Each cat has their own private suite equipped with a personalized cat wheel for indoor exercise. There are two birthing units for privacy and safety. We also encourage outdoor play when they are not busy being mommies as they love it more than anywhere else so there is a 3 acre fenced outdoor kitty oasis with trees and their own pond.
Bengal kittens in a treePhenomenon and his son Apollo hanging out on the log. This log has been a play area and fab photo location for many of our babies.

Bengal cats father and son

Sephora and Cantari enjoying themselves while it is nice and green in the springtime.

Sephora and Cantari in the springtime having fun. Free bengal cats
We want to create the most fun tropical environment for our babies as possible. Providing them with natural instinct entertainment such as jumping over the pond, climbing trees, chasing birds and each other. This is what makes my heart truly happy.

Thunder thinking of going fishing.  The cats like to get on the edge and bop the fish as they go by. Yes some have gone for a swim themselves but don't mind a bit. Most of our cats have a big love of the water.
Acadius playing lifeguard and making sure that everyone stays in line.


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