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Welcome to Leap of Faith Bengals where we hope you will find great information, inspiration and maybe even a beautiful companion for life.  We are excited to share our Bengal cat journey with you as we are enjoying every second of it.  Our family is dedicated to helping create the healthiest, happiest,  most socialized Bengal cats available. Find out more about how we plan to do this on our About page. You can also follow us and our ever expanding Leap of Faith family on Instagram at leap_of_faith_bengals, snapchat at msangie22, Youtube and Facebook.

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Outdoor fun
Our Bengal Cats enjoying life in their outdoor Kitty Oasis. We believe cats should be enjoy all aspects of being a cat in a natural, safe environment. We love it!

Majestic Bengal catFemale Bengal cat

Female F1 Bengal catFemale Bengal cat from Phenomenon and SephoraMagnificent Bengal cat male
Gorgeous Bengal female catBeautiful Bengal female cat
Female Bengal cat

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